Gamma Poisson Fitted, Next Steps

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Gamma Poisson Fitted, Next Steps

I am new to JMP. I managed to fit the discrete data I have to a Gamma Poisson with lamda = 5, sigma = 2 and GoF ChiSquare of .96.

Now that I have the distribution and parameters I want to start using the Gamma Poisson. For example finding the P(X=7), P(X<3), etc given the above distribution. How would I go about this? I dont see anywhere that allows you to choose a distribtion and put in specific parameters. Also, if I create Confidence Intervals, Prediction Intervals, etc what are they based on? Can I create one that uses the Gamma Poisson?

Thanks for the help!

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Re: Gamma Poisson Fitted, Next Steps

You might be better off posting in the JMP section.

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