GDS like structure for TEXT Files in Unix

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GDS like structure for TEXT Files in Unix



Here is a challenge I am presented, with GDG like structure for "Text Files" in "Unix environment" to be used by Unix-SAS.  I am trying to see if this has already been done by someone or if there is a "Utility" available, instead of re-inventing the wheel.  


The new SAS environment that I am working on, is in need of migration of "SAS and TEXT GDG files" from mainframe to Unix SAS.   For the SAS datasets in GDGs, I'm able to leverage SAS generational datasets or GDS feature available within SAS in the Unix evironment. However, I'm trying to see how gdgs on mainframe that have text data(sequential gdg files) be moved to Unix and handled the way GDG's are handled by a JCL.


I'm thinking I need to build a Utility on Unix to start building files with automatically creating generation numbers appended to the end of the filenames and, everytime, check for the generation number to increment to create a new filename.   If there is already something available, please share as I am new to Unix environment and will be running SAS in Unix. Similarly, to grab the gen# from the file name and to parse it to see which generation to read while reading using a generation number reference.   Obviously the reference needs to be made from the current or highest gen# available which would be the most recent.


I'd like to know if I am thinking this through right or if there are other ideas from the community, which I welcome.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: GDS like structure for TEXT Files in Unix

Even if there are many mainframe and UNIX specialists here, the main focus here is SAS. If I understand correctly the question I'd about files outside SAS, so guess you better of asking thus on a UNIX or mainframe forum.
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