FileEvents in LSF not working.

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FileEvents in LSF not working.

Hello All,


First of apologies for asking this query in a wrong group but I'm not sure which one is the perfrct group to post this query.


I have a LSF Flow in which I'm running a SAS Job. Now this SAS Jobs should trigger on a particular file availibility and for which I have added 3 file events viz, EXISTS, ARRIVAL, and FILEAGE. 


What I want is if any of the condifiton satisfies the SAS job should get triggered, but in my case my flow is waiting endlessly for what no idea.


Can anyone give some hints on this as in what and where to check.  


All the conditions do satisy but its just that its not getting from the flow.


Thanks in advance,


Rgds, Anil


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Re: FileEvents in LSF not working.

So what you are saying is that you need an OR logic operator between the file events?

How have you defined it, please share some screen shots of the events and the flow for better understanding.


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