Faster query for database

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Faster query for database

Hello folks!

is there a faster way of looking for some base/table in the Server List? like ctrl f or typing its entire name.....

i saw that our SAS "Edit" tab is disable, so i cant try ctrl f

also, when we type more than one letter to go to some table/base, it doesn't work cuz SAS only understand only the first letter we type

e.g: if i press/type "TA"...... instead of going to the base which starts with "TA", it will bring me to the first base which starts with "A", taking us so much time searching for them....

any clue?? thanks

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Re: Faster query for database

It would help you said what tool you are using.  Enterprise Guide? SAS Display Manager? Something else?

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Re: Faster query for database

SAS Enterprise Guide.

But let me try to explain better... Isn't exactly a search like a scan.

It's only an easier way to navigate in "Server List".


Do you know when we are in some folder on Windows even at Desktop:

To "push/take" the mouse/cursor to some file or folder we want to, for example, a folder named PHOTOS. We can simply type/press "p" on our keyboard and it will take us to the file which starts with P, right? we can also type the entire name, like typing "PHOTOS" and it will take us to this folder.

In SAS Enterprise Guide I can't do that or I don't know how yet. There're about ten thousand tables/bases inside a LIBRARY that I work with...... it takes me so long to find them by scrolling the mouse or pressing arrow down, even page down because there are sooooo many tables.

you have no idea how helpful it'd be  :smileygrin: thanks a lot!!!!!!

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Re: Faster query for database

Your example shows you've opened a catalog. If you click on the main library heading and open the library then, at least in my install, the explorer window will go to the first dataset within the library with the pressed key.

One might suggest, if you have any control of the data, that it may be time to examine the overall design resulting that many data sets in a single library.

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Re: Faster query for database

it works only with the first letter of the base name....

if there are those bases below:






if i type "fina" on keyboard....... step by step it will go first to the financial base (because "f" was pressed first) then it will go to aliens base because the last letter i pressed was A...

in my case, for example, i may have three thousands bases starting with F and it takes long to find the one i want :/

it think there is no way, there isn't this simple feature but if you get it, please tell me :smileygrin:

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