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FSView Help!

Hi all,

So new to this, so bear with me.  I just started a new job where we are using SAS 9.3 and I'm so used to using the FSV command to do a quick look thru at the data.  So I started working on this and figured, let me use the FSV and then I get the following error:  Module SASZFSVW not found in search paths.  Anybody know what this means?  Or am I just not able to use it with the SAS version that I have?

Any help will be great!  Thanks!

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Re: FSView Help!

Sounds like you don't have the required module licensed, we have the same here.  The proc setinit; will tell you what you have installed, I don't know off the top of my head what module you need, but I have:

Base, Stat, Graph, IML, ACCESS licensed and I can't use fsview.

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Re: FSView Help!

, PROC SETINIT will NOT tell you the installed components, it tells you the ones that are licensed. In EG, you can right click the server to check the components installed, In Base, you will need PROC PRODUCT_STATUS. In the company I work for, IT made a mess, some licensed but not installed (which is fine as long as you don't need it), some installed but not licensed, so you still can't use it.



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Re: FSView Help!

IIRC, FSVIEW needs SAS/FSP to be licensed/installed.

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Re: FSView Help!

You can use VIEWTABLE (VT) instead of FSVIEW, it comes with Base SAS.

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