Exporting with Formats and Column Widths

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Exporting with Formats and Column Widths

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I have a customer file that is all formatted the way we want (including some currency formats). I have written a macro that lets the user enter the customer numbers they want and the output is Excel, but only via proc export. I need to be able to ensure that ALL FORMATS (including currency) are passed through to the resulting Excel files. I also need to ensure that all column widths are 12. I am not experienced in ODS, so I'm hoping some quick code from the experts here can help me learn.


I had started with:


ods listing close;
ods html close;
goptions device=actximg;

ods excel file="\\NCRFP4\TAF\Traffic Forecasting\TFM 3.0\Refund_&custID.xlsx";
ods excel options(start_at="1,1" sheet_name="&CustID" sheet_interval="table" embedded_titles='yes');
proc print data=EGTASK.RUNWAY_&CustID noobs; run;
ods excel close;



but I don't think proc print is what is to be used as I got an out of memory error.



Also, is there a way to eliminate the report file that is made with ODS?



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Re: Exporting with Formats and Column Widths

1- Out of memory error with proc print??

How large is the table? How long are the variables?


2- .... a way to eliminate the report file

Like this:  ODS _all_ close;  ?


3- Many resources about formatting excel columns, just search.

For example: 




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