Exporting to Excel using Task Scheduler

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Exporting to Excel using Task Scheduler

Good morning all! I have a set of code that runs automatically once a week through Microsoft Task Scheduler. At the end of the code I have this...

/*Export file to a folder*/

libname SASXLS "\\team\company\Business Development\Monthly Reports\MKT_Roster_%sysfunc(today(),yymmddn8.).xlsx";

data SASXLS.MKT_Roster; set roster; run;

libname SASXLS clear;

If I run the code manually - meaning, while I am sitting here watching it, the file exports just fine. But on Task Scheduler, I get this error:

ERROR: The MS Excel table MKT_Roster has been opened for OUTPUT. This table already exists, or

       there is a name conflict with an existing object. This table will not be replaced. This

       engine does not support the REPLACE option.

Is there a different way to run this export code so it will work with Task Scheduler?

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Re: Exporting to Excel using Task Scheduler

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Try to run that same program but whit a open local destination on your own machine.  (C:\?)
It could (mos likely) be the unc name \\tema\compnay\....  is not accessible in the session context started by your batch script and it in your normal interactive one  

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