Export SAS data to excel

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Export SAS data to excel



I'm using the SAS Version 9.4.

I use a macro to import and export data in SAS. First I had a problem when importing data to SAS because the variables were formatted with a maximum length of "$255.", what caused the truncation of some variables and then I changed it to "$1024.".

So now I have a dataset in SAS with that variables formatted as "$1024." but when I try to export them to excel it gives me this error in SAS :"ERROR: The character variable Q422 has too long a value for the MYXLSX library."


So looking for ideas to solve this problem and export correctly to excel from SAS.


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Re: Export SAS data to excel

  Without seeing the code you're using to export (LIBNAME engine, PROC EXPORT, ODS) or seeing the data, it's hard to make a constructive comment.

  If you can post the essential part of your code and some of your data, that would be most helpful. When I try using ODS EXCEL with a very large character variable (over 3500 characters), I get everything in Excel correctly.



I put ### at the end of the variable value so I could make sure that the whole string was put into the cell.


Here's how I created the data -- using a screen shot so that all 3500+ characters do not wrap funny in the forum posting -- I assume that your character data is coming from an already existing data set or database file:


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Re: Export SAS data to excel

One other point: SAS datasets are also ODBC compliant so you can import them using Excel.

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