Excel to SAS OLEDB Connection

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Excel to SAS OLEDB Connection

Hi All:

We would like to connect Excel to *.sas7bdat tables in order to facilitate seamless pivot tabling. However, in process of upgrading from SAS 9.3 to SAS 9.4 we no longer see OLE DB provider entries listed under the Data Link Properties dialogue box such as

  • SAS Base SAS Data Provider 9.4
  • SAS IOM Data Provider 9.4
  • SAS Local Data Provider 9.4
  • SAS OLAP Data Provider 9.4
  • SAS SHARE Data Provider 9.4

Strangely all the entries from 9.3 exists (same entries as the above, expect version number says 9.3). We did make sure SAS 9.3 is completely uninstalled using the uninstaller provided and the problem persist. Unfortunately when selected, a dialogue box shows up and indicate that the component is no longer available (which is reasonable given that 9.3 is uninstalled).

This problem persists after running SAS 9.4 install again and selecting install additional component and selecting the SAS OLE DB Provider entry.

Could someone please let me know what could be done to troubleshoot this?

Much thanks in advance,


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Re: Excel to SAS OLEDB Connection

I have forgotten to mention that we are using 9.4 64-bit SAS (no more 32-bit SAS after 9.4) with 32-bit Microsoft Excel.

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Re: Excel to SAS OLEDB Connection

Hey, did you get the solution? I am stuck at the same point.

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