Error while running sequence job

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Error while running sequence job

While running SAS DI jobs,I am getting the following error as below

"An error occured while attempting to the retrieve the output.the remote process is out of memory"

What changes I have to do from Server end?

Kindly help me to resolve this.

I am SAS DI 4.21

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Re: Error while running sequence job

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Hi Helannivas

I found this in one of the SAS Administrative book, and look like will help to resolve your issue..

Ensure Adequate Memory

If you are planning to export or import a large number of sizable objects, such as information maps or SAS Data Integration Studio jobs, then you might need to increase the amount of memory that is allocated to the import or export process. Follow these steps:

  1.   Open the appropriate INI file in a text editor, as follows: 
    • If you are using SAS Management Console, open sasmc.ini, which is located in SAS-installation-directory\SASManagementConsole\9.2.

    •   If you are using SAS Data Integration Studio, open distudio.ini, which is located in SAS-installation-directory\SASDataIntegrationStudio\4.2.
    •   If you are using SAS OLAP Cube Studio, open olapa.ini, which is located in SAS-installation-directory\SASOLAPCubeStudio\4.2
    •   If you are using the batch import or export tool, then open ImportPackage.ini or ExportPackage.ini. These files are located in SAS-installation-directory\SASPlatformObjectFramework\9.2.
  2.   Locate the following line: 


  3.   Replace 512 with a higher value (for example, 1024), and save your changes. 

    Note:   If your desktop applications run in the Citrix application delivery environment, then you can increase the size of your Java heap to the Citrix limit. While some versions of Citrix support higher limits, all versions support a maximum Java heap size of 512 megabytes. 

As an alternative to increasing memory, you can perform multiple imports or exports that include a smaller number of objects instead of importing or exporting all of your objects at the same time.

Also please prefer below link, i would suggest before making this changes please check with your Admin team.


Tushar J.

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Re: Error while running sequence job

Solution worked

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