Error on SAS Studio

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Error on SAS Studio

i got this error message


ERROR 217-322: Invalid statement due to first character being unprintable (hexadecimal representation: EFBFBC4D4F44454C).


when i run this code 

proc glm data=mydata; 
class group ;
model minTC_ave_mean=Age / EFFECTSIZE alpha=0.05; run;

what is the problem? any help much appreciated

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Re: Error on SAS Studio

Did you copy and paste the code from somewhere? 
If so, try typing it out instead. Sometimes, because its a browser, there are hidden characters that don't show up the way you expect, especially if copying from a website or PDF file. 

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Re: Error on SAS Studio

 I run; quit; by itself, and re-run the the whole code and it seems to work now. thanks for your help~!

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