Error creating Cube

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Error creating Cube


I've a DI studio job with a user written code to create a Cube. It was working fine until a few days ago when it started raising the following error:

ERROR:  Failed to alloc mem for in-mem arrays when mapping fact keys to dim keys

ERROR: The fact keys cannot be mapped during the loading of star schema.

I've search for quite some time but didn't find anything that could explain this error.

Any suggestions?


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Re: Error creating Cube

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Sounds like a memory problem.

First try to rule out that you have too little memory allocated/available during the cube creation.

Run your code using options fullstimer;

What is you memsize and sortsize settings?

During the job execution, monitor memory consumptions in the appropriate OS tool.

If you can't figure out by then, contact SAS tech support and have them explain what is causing the error message.

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