Error appending WORK.tranalert to seg_kc.FSK_TRANSACTION_ALERT

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Error appending WORK.tranalert to seg_kc.FSK_TRANSACTION_ALERT

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Hello Everyone,


I am new to SAS AML Solutions 7.1

 I tried to run AGP but it keeps  given me this error,  kindly find the attached file for error logs

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Re: Error appending WORK.tranalert to seg_kc.FSK_TRANSACTION_ALERT

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Your code is generating so many warnings I suspect there is major issue with the starting data sets in general.


I suspect that your real issue starts with the previous error message:

NOTE: The data set DB_KC.fsk_transaction_alert has . observations and 9 variables.
ERROR: CLI execute error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Violation of PRIMARY KEY
       constraint 'XPKFSK_TRANSACTION_AL'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object
       'FCFKC.FSK_TRANSACTION_ALERT'. The duplicate key value is (11342, 240418000042). :
       [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The statement has been terminated.
NOTE: Statements not processed because of errors noted above.
NOTE: PROCEDURE APPEND used (Total process time):

Since the log shows no code between this error any your other error I suspect that some other macro code is attempting to use FCFKC.FSK_TRANSACTION_ALERT in creating or modifying seg_kc.FSK_TRANSACTION_ALERT. But since the first set has an error related to duplicate key values and failed that is likely highly related to the next error.



I suggest setting:

Options mprint ;

before re-running that macro to get more details of the code being generated.

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