Error:No tables were retrieved from this query.

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Error:No tables were retrieved from this query.


I am  using SAS DI 4.21 and when I am trying to register tables from oracle.I am getting the following error

      "No tables were retrieved from this query.Your connection information were incorrect".

When I opened the SAS log,there is no probs in library statement.For ur ref,

NOTE: Libref TESTREF was successfully assigned as follows:

             Engine:        ODBC

             Physical Name: *******

I have the libname statement and run it in SAS code editor,I am getting the following error:

ERROR: CLI prepare error: [DataFlux][ODBC Oracle Wire Protocol driver]The DataDirect product you are attempting to access has been provided to you by DataFlux for exclusive use with Data Flux ODBC.  You are not licensed to use this product with any application other than Data Flux ODBC.   If you would like to purchase this product for some

other use, please call 800-876-3101 or visit DataDirect at

Kindly help me to resolve this.

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Re: Error:No tables were retrieved from this query.

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It ssems like an licensing isue. So you probably have to resolve it with your SAS representative.

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Re: Error:No tables were retrieved from this query.

Hi Linush,

I have two libraries...both connecting to oracle db(but different server).

One library is working fine and I am able to register the tables from the database and the another is not working.

I have created two servers in server manager (SAS Management Console).

both the dsn are in the same odbc.ini file and both the properties are similar.

Stil the issue is not resolved.Pls help

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