Error Message - Limit set by errors

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Error Message - Limit set by errors


I get this error message below, any idea what I need to do to rectify this please?


NOTE: Invalid numeric data, LTV='90%-100%' , at line 5074 column 4.

NOTE: Invalid numeric data, LTV='90%-100%' , at line 5075 column 4.

NOTE: Invalid numeric data, LTV='90%-100%' , at line 5076 column 4.

NOTE: Invalid numeric data, LTV='90%-100%' , at line 5077 column 4.

NOTE: Invalid numeric data, LTV='90%-100%' , at line 5078 column 4.

WARNING: Limit set by ERRORS= option reached. Further errors of this type will not be printed.

month_date=AUG14 accnum=127042853 arrears_lit_stage_code=ZZ Remaining_Term_months=-18

Optimum_Platform=Optimum completion=05/02/1988 arrears_multiplier=0 Current_default=N

Limits_Asset_Type=Prime Residential Bcig lit_collect= loan_to_value=90.419539474

Repay_Type=Mixed (Part & Part) repprod=CPrime Property_region=Greater London

PD_Long_Run=0.060922837 exposure_at_default=68952.56593 RWA=13297.52406 LGD_stress_floor=0.05

balance_outstanding=66,524 dtv=22.39% upto2005=0.1233184696 Comp2005=0.1371708769

Comp2006=0.2390911764 Comp2007=0.4189368626 after2008=0.0814826146 LGD=0.165788867

Risk_Weighted_Asset=4943248782.2 EAD=118233.81179 PD=2842.1754281 Repayment=0 Interest_Only=0

Mixed=1 Residential=0.4469660878 Buy_To_Let=0.486006384 Greater_London=1 Northern_Ireland=0

Scotland=0 Wales=0 South_East=0.2800009137 East_Anglia=0.0285604985 East_Midlands=0.0595453695

North=0.0358687959 North_West=0.1076538463 South_West=0.0711460661 West_Midlands=0.0842872908

Yorkshire_Humber=0.0670745475 Less_than_75=0.2390703379 ltv_percent_75_90=0.2485641398

ltv_percent_90_95=0.7975306444 ltv_percent_95_100=0.9214906868 ltv_percent_100plus=0.0011345379

Upto_10_years=0.1784587784 Term_10_to_12_years=0.1758424141 Term_12_to_15_years=0.1758424141

Term_15_to_17_years=0.1758424141 Term_17_to_20_years=0.6373168307 term_20_years=0.0006821977

Term_20_to_23_years=0.1758424141 Term_23_to_25_years=0.9238832443 term_25_years=0

term_25_years_plus=0.0003574538 Termexpired=0.0024528215 AtRisk=0.0076714444

less_one_year=0.0076714444 less_five_year=0.0608162728 performing=1 one_plus=0.1387889861

three_plus=0.0524942404 six_plus_inc_poss=0.0018561778 threeplus=0 sixplus=0

asset_performing=0.8268024417 asset_non_performing=0.1731975583 BTL=0 Prime=1 Self_Cert=0

Non_Conforming=0 Repossessions=0.0021594059 Default=0 Litigation=0 less_one_year_res=0

less_one_year_BTL=0 less_five_year_res=0 less_five_year_BTL=0 Upto20=2.9338684E-9

value40=5.6993139E-9 value60=6.9910581E-9 value80=2.1319043E-8 value100=0 value120=0

value140=1.8434799E-8 value160=6.7072954E-8 greater160=0.9999998775 Year=upto2005

Repayment_Method=Mixed Repayment_type=Interest Only Asset_Type=Residential Region=Greater London

LTV=90%-100% Remaining_term=Upto 10 years Term_expired=Term expired IO_risk_term=null

IO_risk_asset=null Arrears=Performing Arrears_rate=null New_asset_type=Prime Recoveries=Null

value_band=£160k to hi DINDEXINDEBT=. DSCORDELPHI=. unsec_debt=. min_unsec_debt=. max_unsec_debt=.

Delphi= CII= provision=0 maturity=2013 arrears_elsewhere=. DCDEFBAL=. DCCJSBAL=. DCDLQBAL=.

Performing_Arr_Elsewhere=0 oneplus=0 non_performing=0 repossession=0 less_one_year_remaining=0

less_five_year_remaining=0 ltv_one=1 ltv_two=0 ltv_three=0 ltv_four=0 ltv_five=0 Rest_of_uk=0

_ERROR_=1 _N_=20

NOTE: Missing values were generated as a result of performing an operation on missing values.

Each place is given by: (Number of times) at (Line)Smiley SadColumn).

57465 at 5055:21

NOTE: There were 57465 observations read from the data set WORK.COMPLETE_DATASET.

NOTE: The data set WORK.ADDITIONAL_DATASET has 57465 observations and 133 variables.

NOTE: DATA statement used (Total process time):

real time 11.34 seconds

cpu time 0.79 seconds

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Re: Error Message - Limit set by errors

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Cannot tell much from that other than to re-iterate what the log states, you are using LTV as a numeric variable and at row 5074 the compiler starts to find values which it cannot convert to number.  Check your data, maybe up to 5073 you have all numbers, then at that point you start to see 90-100, which isn't convertible to numeric. 

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Re: Error Message - Limit set by errors

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You question is too tempting for some joke as answer, what about: "learning SAS"?
The code that is processing the data I not there, there is a mismatch on what you told it should read, what is read and what can be processed.
The error message on itself is simple you are reading data seeing some text and the instruction is it should be numeric.
It has read about 56k records the top is correct not having this..

- truncated records?

- misaligned by some other data coming in?

- multi-records as input processed but getting misaligned at some point?

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