Enhanced Editor for UNIX

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Enhanced Editor for UNIX

I am amazed that after all this time there appears to be no enhanced editor for UNIX -

Solaris or Linux.

This is just not acceptable.  I have users jumping ship because they can't stand the old,

mainframe styleeditor that people using the UNIX based SAS have to do deal with.

There are plenty of other, GUI editors on Solaris and Linux that allow one to cut and paste

with the mouse - so why not the SAS Editor on UNIX?  Even if one selects the appropriate

options it is still not the same editor as in Windows.  Why?

Is SAS just hoping UNIX will go away?  Are we the only ones to use SAS on Linux/Solaris?

Is there an Enhanced Editor for UNIX that I'm not aware of or in the works?


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Re: Enhanced Editor for UNIX

Do you have Enterprise Guide?   I've recently started using EG as en editor for UNIX, and I'm liking it more than I thought I would. : )

The sales pitch for EG typically involves lots of flow diagrams where each step is its own node in a flow (or somehting like that.).  But if you're used to programming in Base SAS, and just writing a program, E.G. is happy doing that.  And I don't mind the help it gives in reminding me of the order of the parameters in translate() etc.


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