Email notification on Prod application changes

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Email notification on Prod application changes

Hi Experts,

I need to code to get email notification when ever some one have made any changes to the prod applications.

I'm having around 70 applications in the production and I know who will be having the access to those applications.

The e-mail notification should contains the persons's email Id (Who made the updation), and the change made to the application.

Please provide me the possible ways to code the solution.

Thanks In advance.


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Email notification on Prod application changes

To do that with any precision requires a version control system, and the discipline to use it.

It is easy enough to find out when a file has been modified and by whom (In Windows, the DIR command can provide it; for Unix, the ls command has similar functionality).  You can just periodically run a scheduled task to store the output and look at it for differences from the last run.  Note that just opening a file and saving it again without actual changes makes it a "change" from the OS perspective, so you will get some false positives.  It's not an elegant solution, but it is effective.

Doc Muhlbaier


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Email notification on Prod application changes

Sorry. I don't have such experience, I can't help you.


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