Editor window location on startup

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Editor window location on startup

I have SAS 9.4 setup so that when I double click on a file, it opens the file in the enhanced editor. I believe it is running the Windows command: "C:\Program Files\SASHome\SASFoundation\9.4\core\sasexe\sasoact.exe" action=Open datatype=SASFile filename="%1" progid=SAS.Application.940

However, it always opens the file chosen with a small window, which I then have to resize. On the other hand the 'Editor - Untitled1' window is nicely positioned and its position seems to get saved when I exit. Can I control the location and size of the newly opened file? Maybe by ensuring it goes into the Editor - Untitled1 window?

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Re: Editor window location on startup

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In BASE SAS I believe the behavior of the editor window is closer to the "open new window". If I have no editor window open and double click a SAS program file I get the starting editor appearance. If another window is open then the smaller window opens. So the only course I see is to not have an editor window open.

I have never found anything within SAS to set the editor window sizes for other than the main window (WSAVE command).

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