ECM: Create Case From Incident

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ECM: Create Case From Incident


I want to know how to creare case from incident's datagrid ?


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Re: ECM: Create Case From Incident

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The answer starts on page 3 of "SAS Enterprise Case Management 6.3: User's Guide, Second Edition " which you can find here:


As an existing SAS ECM customer you can get the access credentials for this secured documentation via SAS Tech Support or on-site SAS consultants.



ECM is mainly used as front-end for some of the SAS solutions (eg. SAS AML). It's not uncommon for bigger sites that customizations have been requested. If you are an end user at such a site then I'd expect there is some site specific user documentation available which you should consult as your starting point.


If you are a developer and this is not just a simple usage question but you need to customize something, then you need to be much much more specific and provide considerably more information.




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