Distorted Fonts in Log Output

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Distorted Fonts in Log Output


I have recently installed 9.4, and somehow the output directed to the Log window has become distorted.  I suspect that this occurred when I started SAS and switched back to editing an email while the program loaded, and when SAS became fully active some of my input into the email was captured and processed by SAS.  At any rate, the text in the log window is:

  • Elongated and substantially taller than it should be, probably about twice as tall as it should be.
  • Some text appears to have Chinese or Japanese characters -- specifically specifying a back slash in a libname statement will produce this effect.

Also, note that if I open a help window that I get a more extensive font substitution.

I suspect that I have altered some installation settings, and need to get them set back to the default.

I have attached a small PDF file that documents some of the font distortion, the character substitution in the log file, and what happend when I open the help window.

Thank you in advance for any clues that you can provide.

David Mangen

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Re: Distorted Fonts in Log Output


Just a thought which may or may not be relevant: my language settings would sometimes inexplicably change for almost any application I was using until someone pointed out the use of Left Alt+Shift changes the input language when multiple input languages are enabled. See General keyboard shortcuts in Keyboard shortcuts - Microsoft Windows Help.

You spoke of switching applications, I normally swap between open applications using Alt+Tab to move to the next one and Alt+Shift+Tab to move (back) to the previous one and sometimes my input language would change as a result.



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