Display log only when there are errors

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Display log only when there are errors

I'm trying to add a tool to the toolbar that will submit code (e.g. proc print), and then display the log only if there are errors.  


I've tried various combinations of  "submit;" followed by "gsubmit" and codes/short macros will run " dm 'log;'; " if the &SYSERR variable outputs anything other than 0.  I think at least part of the problem is that the SYSERR is just referencing when the macro is defined and not the previously submitted code that I would like error checked, but I'm not sure how to make SAS execute code conditionally outside of a macro.



Any ideas?

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Re: Display log only when there are errors

What does your command to print look like so far?

Is it executing a macro? If so what is the code for the macro.

Do mean "switch to the Log window" if there are errors or are you attempting not to have anything in the log for the print if there are no errors.

And what type of errors are you concerned with?

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