Discriminant analysis is same as MBR ?

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Discriminant analysis is same as MBR ?

Hi all,

I am trying to understand the predictive modelling stuff on SAS EM. Please guide me on this. I am going to post 2 seperate questions related to the same.

Is the memory based reasoning same as discriminant analysis on SAS Enterprise miner? If not under which category of SEMMA can i find it Which methodology should i use for predicting. I currently have around 50 independent variables and 1 Target variable which is a categorical variable. (Has 5 categories Agree, Strongly Agree, Neutral , Disagree and Strongly Disagree) The variable is ordinal.

So what should be the best measure that i need to employ within discriminant analysis to predict the categories. I needed to know what all factors contributes to Agree, Strongly Agree etc

Kindly let me know your opinions. I am fairly new to Data analytics and i have only started understanding the concepts since last 2 months. Any explainations would surely help

Thanks & Regards,


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