Difference between PC SAS and Server SAS

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Difference between PC SAS and Server SAS

My project is integrated with Java. From Java SAS code is asking by way of the use of drop downs. presently, we are the usage of server SAS. Now my purchaser desires to flow to computer SAS in place of the server SAS. What difference does it make in my software?

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Re: Difference between PC SAS and Server SAS


I'm also not a native English speaker and you have all my sympathy. What you write though is really hard to understand for me and I can only guess what you're after. Is this about moving from a local SAS installation to a client-server architecture?


I believe you'll have to reformulate your question and also add a bit more detail to it so we can understand.


May be this documentation will be of use to you: http://support.sas.com/rnd/itech/doc/dist-obj/javaclnt/index.html


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