Deleting observations with PANEL DATA

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Deleting observations with PANEL DATA


I have data like this, individuals with their own identification code and two periods:

Individual  Period

1                     1

1                     2

2                    1

3                    1

3                    2

I would need to go from this unbalanced panel to balanced panel by deleting all the individuals that appear in my dataset only once, i.e. in one period only like the individual 2 above.

I have trouble finding a suitable code for this. This is what came closest to my question Ubalanced panel data to balanced panel data in SAS - Stack Overflow

but I am not able to make the code work in my case.

Any help appreciated! Thank you in advance!

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Re: Deleting observations with PANEL DATA

I was able to solve this problem already myself, used the other code (the first one) from the link above.

In case someone has a better method then feel free to share!

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