Deleting a col in output

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Deleting a col in output

Hi ,

I have used the below syntax to generate the table.

ODS html body='D:\SAS Project\Output\sample3.xls';

proc tabulate data=prac.parents;

format gender gender. c2_2 prefer.;

class age gender c2_2/mlf preloadfmt order=data ;

tables all='Base :All Respondents'*f=9.0*N='' c2_2=''*colpctn='' ,(all='Total' gender)*f=7.2;


ODS html close;

Output :

Base :All Respondents 365227138
Bottom2 Box[1/2]
[2] Somewhat unfavorable
[3] Neutral 24.6619.8232.61
[4] Somewhat favorable 46.8548.943.48
Top2 Box[4/5] 74.7980.1865.94
[5] Very favorable 27.9531.2822.46

Query : please explain syntax to delete the empty column before "Total" column.


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Re: Deleting a col in output

What empty column? It's not clear in the output what you mean.

Please search and this community for a solution before posting any new question in community.

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Re: Deleting a col in output

Hi LinusH,

Please run the above code at your end with your dataset, to know the problem. If you look at the output , u will realize there is a empty col before "Total col" which is not reflected when pasted.


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Re: Deleting a col in output

It looks like your extra column is the unlabeled N and COLPCTN statistic.  The only way I see around this is to transpose the table.  Make the columns contain Total, Male, and Female, for example.  When blank statistic labels appear in the column dimension of the table, the label gets entirely removed.

Somebody else may come up with another way around this, or perhaps the transposed version is acceptable.

Good luck.

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Re: Deleting a col in output

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