Defining a Arithmetic Expression

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Defining a Arithmetic Expression

I am a SAS newbie. 

I am attempting to calculate the person years at risk (personyrs) of an ethnic group being diagnosed with a disorder by age group and gender for comparison with a standard population. What sort of expression would I use to calculate this?


To calculated the unadjusted incidence rates, I used the following expression to calculate the person years of risk:


proc print data=primhd.diagnoses;

var personyrs;

where disorder=1 and ethnicity=1;

sum personyrs;



I am using a national data hence there is a massive number of observations. There has to be an easier way to calculate this without the resulting table with all the relevant observations.  


To summarise all the variables of interest included to calculate the personyrs at risk:

disorder, ethnicity (boolean expressions for different disorders and ethnicities), agegrp and lastly gender


Thanks in advance!


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Re: Defining a Arithmetic Expression

Use proc means:

proc means data=primhd.diagnoses (where=(disorder=1 and ethnicity=1));
  var personyrs disorder ethinicity agegrp gender;
  output out=want;

To get better answers post some sample test data in the form of a datastep, if you don't know how use this post:


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