Default SAS session Options

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Default SAS session Options

Hi all,

When we change sas default settings by Using OPTIONS statements .. How do I get back to Default Settings without closing SAS session..

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Re: Default SAS session Options


there are several ways listed here:

SAS(R) 9.3 System Options: Reference, Second Edition

...Reset Options to the Default Value by Using the SAS System Options Window

To reset a system option to the default option by using the SAS System Optionswindow:

  1. From the SAS menu bar, select Toolsthen selectOptionsthen selectSystem.

  2. Right-click Options and select Find Option.

  3. Type the option name and click OK.

  4. Right-click the option name and select Set to Default.

    or read futher down;

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Re: Default SAS session Options

Another possibility:

Run PROC OPTSAVE to save your options settings, before changing any.

When you want to restore them to their original values, run PROC OPTLOAD.

Good luck.

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