Datawarehousing vs Analysis

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Datawarehousing vs Analysis

Hi all,

       I just want to know the difference between datawarehousing and analysis.Is ANALYSIS is one of the part in DATAWAREHOUSING or different.Boath are same or different.



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Re: Datawarehousing vs Analysis

I don't feel that there are set definitions for many of these terms, so my vote is "maybe". Personally, I feel that data warehousing is a body of techniques that is used to manage needs of users for information from operational data, for instance through ETL processes, creation of OLAP stores, usage of star schemas, etc.

Analysis on the other hand is a very broad term. Certainly everything that goes into creating a data warehouse can be considered analysis, but in today's usage analysis is used as a differentiator to indicate that one is using techniques more sophisticated that the counts, sums, and means that tend to go into simple tabulation and reporting. Certainly predictive modelling would be an example of "analysis".

The SAS website is an excellent source of information about these concepts, and the Data Warehouse Institute ( is another good one. But in the end, you'll find it's like the old joke, "ask six economists a question, and you'll get seven different opinions".



Now if someone will ask about "big data", we can REALLY get into a discussion!  ;-)

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Re: Datawarehousing vs Analysis

They are very different in my opinion. Warehousing can be considered a precursor to data analysis. 

Data warehousing is the process of getting data from somewhere (different systems, operational systems, excel/access dbs) and putting together in a format that answers questions, where the questions are part of the analysis.

To do data analysis you'll typically have to do some merging together of data, but in my opinion warehousing is actually when you have the automated the data process to to aggregate the data regularly versus a one off aggregation of the data.

Mind you this is my opinion, but I have worked both in both fields.

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