Data set damaged!! Please help!

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Data set damaged!! Please help!

Hi All,

I am having problem with dataset which is damaged, and i am getting the below error on this :-

ERROR: Expecting page 10641, got page -1 instead.
ERROR: Page validation error while reading ADM02.HHJJUY.DATA.
ERROR: File ADM02.HHJJUY.DATA is damaged. I/O processing did not complete.

I have used the below snippet for repairing the dataset

proc datasets lib=ADM02;

repair HHJJUY ;


but problem still persists:-

Can anyone please help me on this ?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Data set damaged!! Please help!

Have you read the following note, and the ones linked to?

7816 - "Expecting page x..." or "Page validation" error might occur whenrunning a data set in batch

What version/platform are you in?

What engine is the data set stored used?

In which situations foes this occur (batch/interactive, SAS code)?

Does this occur repeatedly, or just once?

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Re: Data set damaged!! Please help!

- SAS92 / AIX
- Base



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Re: Data set damaged!! Please help!

Have you tried to PROC SORT it?

Is the table indexed? If so, check if the index file exists? Or there is any other type of temporary lock-files remaining on disk.

Do you have any disk, memory or I/O constraints?

Is the error occurring when modifying or when reading the data set?

If the data set is being corrupted without any notice to SAS, you need to see if there are any events logs on OS/file system level that you can seek.

You could also consider to open a track to SAS tech support - they could help navigating in your troubleshooting process.

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