Data dashboard containing workflow performance monitoring

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Data dashboard containing workflow performance monitoring



I have started a school project with SAS to build a data dashboard which will show information about several workflow processes in a fictional company. The data which is provided is a table which contains employee name, processID, step in the process, starttime, endtime. Unfortunatly I cant open the table outside of my school environment to show it here. 


The goal is to measure performance of the employees. One of the KPI's of the resulting dashboard should be the percentage of employees who perform processes with the correct sequence of steps.


Example workflow process: Helpdesk support issues

For this process there are 2 correct sequences of steps:

1) select issue -> open -> check current status -> close     

1) select issue -> open -> check current status -> call customer  

The first sequence is close if the current status = in progress. The second sequence is finished with calling the customer if the current status = new.


The example above is the most simple process in the table (the percentage should be around 100% for this process), but this was just to elaborate my problem. 


Since this is my first time using SAS, I dont know how I can "let SAS know" what the correct sequence of steps is. After that I can calculate the percentage to use in the dashboard. 


How can I code this in SAS? What would be a good way to implement this using SAS?


Thanks for your time!

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Re: Data dashboard containing workflow performance monitoring

I understand that you cannot share the exact data. Can you provide example data that replicates the types of values you are working with though?


Instructions here: will show how to turn an existing SAS data set into data step code that can be pasted into a forum code box using the {i} icon or attached as text to show exactly what you have and that we can test code against. Use this macro where you can access the data.


You could replace any sensitive material with dummy values.

The structure of your data is very critical to any analysis about sequences. We would have to know how to identify a unique attempt at a process, which steps, in terms of variables and values, are required And then what the "proper" order looks like. Your description is not in terms of variable or values.

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Re: Data dashboard containing workflow performance monitoring

Thank you for your reply!


I found a test preview of the table which was shared by a classmate. You can see that the EventID is the unique value. ProcessID CH1 is the process I have described in the example in my first post. You can see that several employees can have the same ProcessID. ProcessID describes what kind of process it is, while EventID contains each individual process. 


The proper order for the CH1 is select - open - check - close. In this case for employee David Kent we can derive from the start and endtime that the order is open - check - close for EventID 2756899. (Lets assume that the step "select" for this EventID was also displayed in this preview and that the end time was before the "open" step). This sequence for EventID 2756899 would count as proper order.  


I hope this clarifies it a bit. 

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