Data Filter

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Data Filter

I have 10 Tables with the same variables (Column Headings).

I want to perform a data filter query on all 10 Tables at the same time. Is this possible ?


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Re: Data Filter

Are we programming in SAS Base?

And please define "at the same time" - what is the requirement?

If you want to union the results, just Data - Set (all tables) and Where...

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Re: Data Filter

I am using JMP and yes, it would be a good idea to comibine all the results in to a single table ?

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Re: Data Filter

Hi there,

if i understand you correctly what you are looking for could be achieved by the following:

1. Concatenate your tables - Tables >> Concatenate, here you should select the option of "Create source column.

2. Now any filtering or selection will be done on all the tables and could be filtered once more by the source column.

furthermore, now that you have one table with all your data you can preform any analysis you want just make sure to insert the "Source" column in to the "By" slot.

once you get your output, you can always right click on any table and choose the option of Make into combined data table to aggregate the results of different sources into one table.

hope this works, if you need a more detailed explanation just ask.

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