DOC upload failing after SSL implementation in SAS AML

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DOC upload failing after SSL implementation in SAS AML


SAS 9.3/AML5.1

When we try to upload a document in the AML UI, we get the below error .This was working fine prior to SSL implementation , we could upload and view the documents.

However once SSL was implemented, we are unable to upload documents or view  the old documents that was uploaded before SSL.

We receive the below error during upload :

Failed to create folders in DAV: Previously failed to connect to for sastrust@saspw

In SMC , all the names have been updated to full host name.

In jboss server start .sh files too we have updated the host.

If opened in a separated IE, the above link opens correctly.

I am also able to access the http://serverSmiley Tongueort/SASContentServer/dircontents.jsp page seperately.

In SMC, webdav properties has the “secure” checkbox checked in the below services:

  • Remote Services
  • SASBIPortlet4.3 Local Services
  • SASJSR168RemotePortlet4.3 Local Services
  • SASPackageViewer4.3 Local Services
  • SASPortal4.3 Local Services
  • SASStoredProcess9.3 Local Services
  • SASWebReportStudio4.3 Local Services

Let us know what could be the issue here.

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Re: DOC upload failing after SSL implementation in SAS AML

the Same issue happed with me but i'm still looking for a solution.
other issue occurs like when we route any Alert, the subject name disabears!!!
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