DNS CNAME for SAS94 Stored Process

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DNS CNAME for SAS94 Stored Process


We have a  SAS 9.4 installation which works with the url http://sas94web.xxxx.xxxx:1234/SASStoredProcess/do1?_program=/...

On the DNS server we created a CNAME record from sasweb to sas94web to have an url without version number namely http://sasweb.xxxx.xxxx:1234/SASStoredProcess/do1?_program=/...

This CNAME DNS worked as a charm for our sas9.2 installation, but for some reason sas9.4 does not open the stored process anymore.

Instead of running the stored process, we get kicked to a default  SAS page (List Stored Processes).

The httpd.conf has been updated already to include the CNAME, but with no luck.

Anyone had the same problem (can't believe that we're the first ones using a CNAME for Stp's) and knows how to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance.

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