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Hi ,

I am experience BASE SAS user but a learner in DI studio 4.2. I am having simple problem:

I created a metadata for a table and then did the check in.

Then I had to add one more column to the table , I checked out the table and went to the properties tab to add the column.

After adding the column, I checked in the table.

Now when I am trying to open the table I am getting an error , "there was a problem in correlation ...and loading the SAS view ....and it mentions the newly added column name in the error'.

Can some please advise where I am going wrong.


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Re: DI studio

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DI Studio is not a DBA tool, it just modifies metadata.

The metadata it self generates SAS code that is executed.

No code is created for altering/changing table layout.

If you change a table in dev/test environments, chances are that it's ok to just delete the table and let the next run of a job recreate the table with additional columns.

if you wish to extend an existing tbale in prod, you need to develop a scripts that ads the nes column and preserve existing data,

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