Creating groups of equal value / Making even teams

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Creating groups of equal value / Making even teams

I run a tournament where players sign up individually and are assigned to teams. They answer a short questionnaire about skills and experience. This gives me values I can use to try to create even teams. Last year I crudely used Excel and replicated a "snake" style draft, making adjustments as needed. This time around I'd like to be able to use SAS, but am not sure how to do it.


The number of teams depends on the number of players that sign up. It likely would be 4 to 6 teams. The teams should have a mean skills score that is as close to equal as possible. The teams should also have an equal gender mix, with ideally equal skill within the genders. The one other caveat is what we will call "baggage". Players can request to be teamed up with one other player, who must reciprocate.


The table below has 51 players. How would I go about putting them into 5 "even" teams? 


I know this will result in 4 teams of 10 and 1 team of 11. Also, with 9 female players, 1 team will only have 1 woman on the team. These are some of the possible challenges I will have to face.


Josh MMale 11
Dylan LMaleMatthew T12
Aaron PMale 8
Alan BMale 13
Bill SMaleSebastian K13
Matthew TMaleDylan L12
Katie JFemale 10
Carl SMale 10
Mark JMale 10
Nick BMale 12
Andy MMale 11
Nick kMale 14
Erin BFemale 11
Michael CMale 9
Alex KMale 13
Victor PMale 12
Shayne DMale 10
Brian PMaleBlake T13
Blake TMaleBrian P15
Dre UFemale 15
Alyx AFemale 12
Jake TMale 11
Justin SMale 11
Sebastian KMaleBill S15
Chad LMale 13
Dan MMale 10
Adam LMaleNick S11
Sean MMale 13
Mathew OMale 12
Tyler OMale 10
Joseph LMaleMike M12
Mike MMaleJoe L13
Nick SMaleAdam L15
Sam PMale 13
Ellory RFemaleBen R10
Ben RMaleEllory R13
Manny MMale 9
Melissa AFemaleJamie F12
Tracy BMale 12
Kevin VMale 11
Dan DMaleMeghin D7
Brad OMaleJames N11
James NMaleBrad O9
Meghin DFemaleDan D7
Brock SMale 9
Eva MFemale 14
Junior CMale 15
Diana MFemale 9
Michael SMale 10
Jamie FMaleMelissa A11
Kevin KMale 9
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Re: Creating groups of equal value / Making even teams

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Before I start coding:


If I read your post correctly, you have three conditions in your problem ordered from most to least important:


1) If two players wish to be on team with each other

2) Equal scores among the groups

3) Equal gender mix


Am I correct?


This blog post and thread might be of help:


Split Data into Groups that Have the same Mean and Variance


Creating Groups of Equal Size

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Re: Creating groups of equal value / Making even teams

Lets put them in this order.


1) If two players wish to be on team with each other

2) Equal gender mix

3) Equal scores among the groups


That may mean handling male and female separately, but #1 makes that tricky.

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