Creating formats in DI for use in EG?

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Creating formats in DI for use in EG?


I am stuck trying to create a new library which will contain formats for lookup codes i.e. A = 'Access' etc, and making them available for use in EG?

I am doing this in DI using the pre/postcode option, it will apply it to my DI output but when i check my output in EG it retains the old formatting.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Les


proc format library=DRDSN;

value $CONTYPE

'C2C' = 'Conversion'

other = 'Other'


options fmtsearch=(DRDSN);


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Re: Creating formats in DI for use in EG?

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This is ad-hoc programming, what you are needing is an architecture with release management. You can develop something but as some moment it should get hands over to production.

For EG and DI you are sharing the appserver (<SASApp>)  that is the place where shared changes should be made.

- Ask you platform admin to modify the sas usermods files accordingly supporting those library with formats       

- remove all own build code you done as post and/or pre process for that.

- For develop the library should be defined open for update for common usage it should be set as read-only

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