Created Shared Prompt in EG?

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Created Shared Prompt in EG?

I have searched everywhere and can't find any documentation stating how I can create a shared prompt that can then be used across multiple stored processes.  Does anybody have any information or resources that can teach me how to create a shared prompt in EG?



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Re: Created Shared Prompt in EG?

When you are building prompts in EG with the tab aside servers / folders, the prompt is stored in EG.

How would you share that outside EG.

When you build prompts with DI,  Informations map studio they are stored into the metadata-base

There you can set how prompts (and many more objects) are shared.

It is part of the paltform admin job. 

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Re: Created Shared Prompt in EG?

Hi George - Creating shared prompts for use in stored processes is a little roundabout, and there's no direct way to do it that I'm aware of.  Here's a link to an article that describes a way around this:

Basically you have to create a new dummy stored process directly from SAS Management Console, and while you have the SP wizard open you will be able to create and save the shared prompt.  Then you can close out the stored process wizard without saving the stored process.  This article describes how to create shared prompts for use with Information Map Studio, but just ignore that part - the section beginning at "Creating the shared prompt" will work the same for stored processes.

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