Copy datasets in different serves

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Copy datasets in different serves


In DI studio development. I have data in DI server I want to append this data into EBI server datasets and I need to use trigger file in DI server for LSF jobs.  both are different servers and in different environment(Not using Spds). advise me how to connect both servers. if any sample code pls share with me.

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Re: Copy datasets in different serves

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please descibe the situation better.

DI studio is a tool connecting to a Workspace Server (WS) as part of a EBI installation

When you develop code it is a DTAP (Develop / Test / User Acceptrance / Production) approach. Naming and logical machines will be different between those.  When you are running in P there will be a LSF but LSF in a Grid can manage many Servers.

To get code independent of DTAP should be a major design in this. By that you can fullfill the change process requirements.

It Could be using system environment variables or macro-vars are needed for that.

Who is helping you with that?   

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Re: Copy datasets in different serves

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Assuming that the append to BI is the question here (not LSF?).

Two ways (of many more surely):

  • If you have SAS/CONNECT licensed, you could connect to the other server, upload your changes, and load the table on the remote host.
  • Your data is stored/accessible via shares (UNC), then just register the BI table as local to the DI Server, and then proceed as normal.
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