Convert 32 bit catalog to 64 bit catalog

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Convert 32 bit catalog to 64 bit catalog

I know this question is asked a lot and I've read as much as I could to see if I can figure this out on my own. Here are my issues.


1. I don't have access to 32 bit SAS

2. I inherited the catalogs and I cannot go back and ask them for the code that creates the catalogs.


So I am stuck with trying to convert them. I tried using the cport method but I still get that error that says 'ERROR the catalog was created for a different operating system.' I am wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to get this done??!! This is causing me such a big headache!



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Re: Convert 32 bit catalog to 64 bit catalog

I also want to add that I am working in batch mode, not sure if that makes a difference.

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Re: Convert 32 bit catalog to 64 bit catalog

Is the catalog numeric type ? - if positive convert it to char type. Usually it is an integer of fixed length.


If the catalog is in a char type variable then the conversion from 64 to 32 bit may shrink the length of it.

Let's say it is $10. length. Use put function to display it into hexa:   put(catalog, $hex20.);

You may find the hex presentation of characters in both 32 and 64 bit in wikipedia.

Compare the two tables - are they the same per a visual character (like A or 1).


Can you post your results giving few examples of catalogs in display mode and in $hex mode ?

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Re: Convert 32 bit catalog to 64 bit catalog

If you only have the original 32-bit catalogs and not CPORTed versions of these then unfortunately I think you are stuck. You need 32-bit SAS to CPORT them first.


What I would do is open a track with SAS Tech Support or alternatively contact your local SAS account manager and explain your situation. It's possible they might be able to convert these for you as a favour. I don't speak for SAS, but in my experience they are very obliging folks - there is certainly no harm in asking! 

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Re: Convert 32 bit catalog to 64 bit catalog

Can you include the code and log from what you’ve tried? 


You should be able to import the catalog if it’s a cpt file.

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Re: Convert 32 bit catalog to 64 bit catalog

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Get in contact with somebody who still has a 32-bit SAS; SAS TS can be your final rescue.


And then have the criminally negligent XXXXXXXX who did not provide the code along with the catalogs hung, drawn and quartered. (just kidding - well, not really)


What is contained in the catalogs? SOURCE entries are mostly kept in text, but have lots of special characters inserted, and may be split along pages in the catalog file. I recently retrieved code from catalogs with notepad++, but it was tedious work.

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Re: Convert 32 bit catalog to 64 bit catalog

It might help to let us know what type of catalog is involved. For instance if the catalogs are Format catalogs then perhaps someone was kind enough to generate CNTLOUT data sets when the formats were created and then you could use those to recreate the formats.

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