Controlling Footnote position

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Controlling Footnote position

HI all

In my reports, whenever I give a footnote, it is getting printed in .lst after a long gap after the the actual report. The report gets printed either from PROC TABULATE or PROC REPORT. So check the foonote, I need to scroll all the way to the bottom in the report.

Is there any way to control this ? Is there a way to make the footnote appear right after the report data/layout dynamically? I tried couple of FOOTNOTE options like move, lspace. Nothing seem to work correct (nor I didn't know to handle them correctly).

Anyone aware of any option that prints footnote right after the actual report?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Controlling Footnote position

The Footnote goes at the bottom of page in listing output, just like in a book. So your system option for PAGESIZE controls how many lines make a page. If your table takes 20 lines to print and your PAGESIZE is set to MAX or other large value then the appropriate number of lines are inserted by SAS to make a "page". If you insist on listing output, about your only option will be to adjust pagesize before each table created, or maybe set a value like 80. Of course this setting can also breakup your tables if they exceed 80 lines.

You get better control with ODS destinations other than listing but may still have some issues with Footnote.

I often use the PRETEXT and POSTTEXT style options on table statements in Proc Tabulate to get text immediately before or after tables, especially when building multiple tables in as singe procedure call. But those options do not work with listing output.

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