Compression of SPDS Tables

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Compression of SPDS Tables

Hi All,

I want to compress all the SPDS tables existing under a SPDS library without moving them out? I kept compress-yes for respective spds library but data in it was loaded before I made this change.

Can anyone help me on this like how to compress the data? and syntax for the procs?

Quick reply would be appreciated...



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Re: Compression of SPDS Tables

I doubt its possible.  What you seem to be looking for is a "compress in place" option where the compressed data is written back to the original location.  This would be very risky as an interrupted operation would leave youwith unreadable data, so you would need to save a copy of the original data at the start.  And that is not going to save you I/O cycles.

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Re: Compression of SPDS Tables

I believe you could compress the tables without having them copied outside the SPDS domain (by using implicit/explicit SQL pass.thru). But you need to keep a copy of each table during the process (just to be safe - I think you could create a compressed version to replace the uncompressed - SPDS will keep a temporary copy until the replace operation is complete) .

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