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Complex Question

Anyone who could provide some insight on this would be greatly appreciated.

I have created the program by gathering all my data through SQL and then organizing and filtering output through SAS.  I need to be able to tell a client the amount of monthly payment for the current month based on the sum of their qualifying accounts.  I have millions of records (accounts)  that are being flagged for payment if they qualify through numerous "if" statements.  Part of the qualification process, for some of the clients, is if they have active accounts within 90 days of their issue date.  I have the program written to qualify them, however, lets say I run the report in May (thus if they were issued up to 3 months ago, they have Feb, March, and April to activate).   FINALLY.... my question is.... if I run the report then in June, how would someone recommend flagging those accounts who were paid in May to not show up in the report for June.  But allowing the accounts that have not activated in May to pass through to June to see if they then fit the criteria?  (I do not want to have to store the accounts in temp tables either due to space).

This probably makes zero sense, please let me know if I need to elaborate further.    

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Re: Complex Question


Is it enough to add an extra condition saying if the account is active and the issue date is after the last time the monthly job ran then the account qualifies?

If not, then it might be worth supplying some sample data records and what the records should look like after being processed.



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