Clarification of Type 3 result output

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Clarification of Type 3 result output

Dear All,

I would be pleased if anyone familiar with this can help explain if there is something wrong:


I am analyzing my dataset, which has multiple factors. After running the model, I got a Type 3 result for which one of the interaction (fert*char) was 0.1713, indicating a non-significant interaction. On the other hand, if you check the lsmeans, you will realize that the p values are all significant (I have shown the values in red).


My question is, should the p value shown in the Type 3 test be the same as p value shown in the lsmean table?





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Re: Clarification of Type 3 result output

Type 3 tests are about effects. The fert*char effect doesn't change the predicted mean in a statistically significant way.


LSMEANS tests are about means. The predicted means for every level of fert*char are significantly different from zero.

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