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Check Box Get Selected

I have a stored procedure that takes 2 lists:

List of LotIDs (returned as a table from a DB query)

List of Columns (returned as a list from a modal Dialog box)

The list of LotIDs passed to the SQL stored procedure is in the format of: 'Lot1,Lot2'

The list of Column Names passed to the SQL store procedure is in the format of 'SomeText1,SomeText2,...,SomeTextN'

The stored procedure clal is something like:

open database"execute p_StoredProc 'Lot1,Lot2','SomeText1,SomeText2,...,SomeTextN' "

What can I do to get the list of lots as a checkbox list that I could select from?

How do I get the lists into the format I need to pass to the stored procedure?

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Re: Check Box Get Selected

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There are a few ways to d this.  Here is one simple way:

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