Change in Version 9 of SAS not allowing you to execute SASXA1, help!

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Change in Version 9 of SAS not allowing you to execute SASXA1, help!

We are in the process of upgrading to SAS version 9.x, from 8.2 on our mainframe.  We are outsource to IBM and pay for changes. I had our IBM mainframe support contact SAS and was given a screen shot of the manual showing this fact. 

We have over 300 production jobs executing SAS using PGM=SASXA1, all in a controlled environment.  We recently discovered in version 9 you no longer can execute PGM=SASXA1, but have to change this to PGM=SAS.  Please don't respond with the obvious answer, modify your JCL (yes these could be changed to a proc)!   We can't forget all the users who have their own jobs under their own control who execute SAS and are basically JCL illiterate.

Has anyone on this board ran into this problem and what solutions were used.  I find it hard SAS would just leave their users high and dry like this and suspect my IBM support who contacted SAS may not have asked the correct questions.


PS.   I find it funny SAS shows up as misspelled on their own spell checker!

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Re: Change in Version 9 of SAS not allowing you to execute SASXA1, help!

If you have a dedicated environment where only SAS9 is running then you could ask to have an alias created (SASXA1). If both SAS versions should run in parallel for a while (which is the normal approach during a migration period) then I believe the only way is to actually rename the entry points in your JCL.

I don't think that this is such a big issue for "JCL illiterate" users if given good instructions. And it actually allows them to migrate and test program after program.

You could think of having an alias created for SAS9. I believe to remember that's how we did it many years ago when migrating from SAS6 to SAS8. We had an alias SAS, SAS6 and SAS8. The alias SAS had already been used for SAS6 programs. So people could migrate and test their stuff using SAS8. There was then a communicated date where the alias 'SAS' got redifined and now pointed to SAS8 instead of SAS6 so everything not "manually" migrated run now under SAS8 in a "big bang" approach.

That and how the names of the entry points change is documented in the Configuration Guide on page 6

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Re: Change in Version 9 of SAS not allowing you to execute SASXA1, help!

Patrick,  Thanks for the reply.  We will just update all the production jobs to execute the standard proc paying the price to our outsourcer  We run both versions in our environment, plus I believe the SAS architecture was changed so SAS calls SASXA1 opening up a thread or something of that nature.   I do feel someone dropped the ball a bit on this but what can you do:smileymischief:.  Once all jobs are executing the procs the switch is very easy, and 98% of our jobs use base SAS thus changes are really unexpected. Just wish we knew about this when we just standardized all the libraries and took the version out of the name, that was from V6 to V8, which took forever turning V6 off finally earlier this year, and to be on V9 in production in the same year will be a win!

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