Can SAS Handle Boolean Formatting in SAS XML Maps?

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Can SAS Handle Boolean Formatting in SAS XML Maps?

Is there a way to convert boolean values of "true" and "false" to numeric 0 and 1 inside an XML Map?  Can I apply a custom format to the XML Map?


A data provider recently switched the format that they send thier data to us to XML.  I have been working with the XML to create an XML map to be able to convert the XML into the SAS datasets that we have.  Previously there were a series of variables that that came with values of 0 or 1 and were formatted as numeric in the SAS datasets.  The XML now is sending those variables as "true" and "false" (Example: <Master>false</Master>).  I am assuming that the data provider has these stored in a database that allows for a boolean data type which is why this formatting has changed.


I know that I can do this in a data step fairly easily for a single table, but currently there are no distinct data steps being used, only a macro loop that reads in all of the tables. 

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