Calculating Date difference in Day

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Calculating Date difference in Day

Can anyone tell me the code how to create a new variable (Day_Diff) and calculate the day difference between Start_Date and End_Date of the following table?

My dates are Numeric and Date9. format.

ID    Start_Date  End_Date

1     12/01/2014  12/14/2014

1     01/01/2014  01/06/2014

1     01/01/2014  01/06/2014

1     10/01/2012  10/05/2012

2     01/01/2014  01/05/2014

2     12/01/2014  12/03/2014

2     12/01/2014  12/07/2014

2     02/11/2014  02/15/2014

2     01/01/2014  01/11/2014

I would much appreciate your help.


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Re: Calculating Date difference in Day

day_diff = intck('day',start_date,end_date);

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Re: Calculating Date difference in Day

Perhaps more simply, you could code:

days_diff = end_date - start_date;

SAS stores its dates on a numeric integer scale, where each passing day is one more than the day before.

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Re: Calculating Date difference in Day

I suggest reading 's blog post about calculating an age, Depending on your SAS version and your precision requirement, there are many ways.

>>> Oops! Just realised you were asking about days... a simple subtraction will work. I thought you were referring to years. :smileyblush:

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