CSV file creation assistance needed

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CSV file creation assistance needed

I am relatively new to SAS programming.  The state has modified how they want their data files.  They used to want .dat files and now have changed to .csv files with 2 header records (second one has the column headings). What is the best way to do this in a SAS program? 

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Re: CSV file creation assistance needed

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Here is SAS code that demonstrates how to use a DATA step to generate a CSV file with two lines for heading

data _NULL_;

  set sashelp.class;  /* replace with your data set name */

file 'c:\temp\test.csv' dlm=',';

if _N_ = 1 then do;

  put 'first line heading';  /* replace with your heading */

  put 'name,age,sex,height,weight'; /* replace with your variables */


put name age sex height weight; /* replace with your variables */


If you have more then 256 characters per output line, you need an LRECL parameter on the FILE statement.

I invite you to send email to support.sas.com if you have further questions.


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