Building email address

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Building email address

If your e-mail is of the form (like ) you can use this to derive the email address from system variable _CLIENTUSERNAME:


    /* determine email address from _CLIENTUSERNAME */

    data _null_;
        emailaddress=trim(compress(lowcase(substr(scan(&_CLIENTUSERNAME, -1),1,1)||scan(&_CLIENTUSERNAME, 1))||''));
        firstname   =trim(compress(lowcase(scan(&_CLIENTUSERNAME,-1))));
        lastname    =trim(compress(lowcase(scan(&_CLIENTUSERNAME,+1))));
        call symput('firstname', trim(firstname));
        call symput('lastname', trim(lastname));
        call symput('emailaddress', trim(emailaddress));
    %put &=emailaddress;

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Re: Building email address

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Hi @tomrvincent. It looks like you're trying to post content that can be shared/library type reference code for people. This is a great idea, please consider posting them as Articles rather than posts. Posts are typically for questions. I also like to keep a set over on github, personal choice.

And add New Article. 


Looking forward to seeing your posts!



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Re: Building email address

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I had never heard of or seen that...thanks for the suggestion.


just tried this:


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oh, well...

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