Behaviour for Setinit warnings

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Behaviour for Setinit warnings

Hi Everyone,

We have a fairly new SAS installation at our site and the Setinit for is about to expire for the first time. We have the new license files ready to put on the server however since it is christmas our IT department do not really want to make any changes to production systems while the support over christmas is low.

We are currently in the 30 days grace period but will soon move into the Warning period.

Can anyone tell me exactly what happens in the warning period?

I can guess that I will see warnings in the log when I run programs but

     does this show up as a real warning in EG?

     is SYSCC affected?

     will scheduled processes still run?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Behaviour for Setinit warnings

I just renewed our mainframe license at our site as it is pretty low risk and I have never had a problem renewing it.  It has been a long time since we let ours go into the Warning Period, but I can say that everything works.  We received warning messages in the job's sysout which paniked some of the users, but that was the extent of it.   

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Re: Behaviour for Setinit warnings


Other than clogging up the log files the warnings will have no direct effect. They are just an incentive to get you to renew.

Renewal is a simple enough process and it can be done at pretty much any time.

I'd be inclined to dive in and get it done.



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Re: Behaviour for Setinit warnings

In our SAS/Windows environment using EG, warning messages appear in the log.  In our SAS/zOS environment, batch messages also appear in the log, but interactive messages appear throughout the application as certain functions are executed in those interactive sessions.  I agree with the earlier posts, the application of the license files is a low risk change.

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Re: Behaviour for Setinit warnings

Thanks for the replies,

Given that the responses suggested we shouldn't have any problems running into the warning period, we decided not to upset our IT guys over christmas, let the licence go into the warning period and do the update post new year.

Everything carried on running as we would have expected but for future reference this is what we saw...

Pop-up warning when running first code in an Enterprise guide session.


Log file warnings similar to the following (first run in the session only).

WARNING: The SAS/GRAPH product with which GSLIDE (2) is associated will be expiring soon, and is currently in warning mode to

indicate this upcoming expiration. Please run PROC SETINIT to obtain more information on your warning period.

&SYSCC is left equal to 0 even if warning shows (rather than being set to 4 for normal warnings).

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